We Deserve the Best

I live on a small amount of acreage and raise Lowline cattle, Jersey milk cows, and Kunekune pigs.  I have hens that are free range and they lay the most delicious eggs.  I am trying to provide people with a healthy alternative to the food they can find in the stores.  I do not use growth hormones or antibiotics and my cattle are never fed grain.

I sell my Lowlines as well as grass fed beef.  I have wonderful milk and cream from my Jersey cow and make everything from ice cream to cheese with it.  I offer cow shares in case people are interested in having a percentage of the milk production.   She is a2a2 and the health benefits are unbelievable.

There is nothing better than eating a fresh and still warm chunk of mozzarella cheese unless it is that just churned ice cream.  We can make a difference in this world; we just need to do our best to live our dream.

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Day-to-Day Life Raising Animals and Trying to Become Self-Sufficient